Becoming an Author – Updates – The Rejection Letter(s)

It’s about that time, dear readers for an update on my author journey! I am here to say that I have finally received word back from two publishers and the verdict…rejection. When I opened up those e-mails, my heart literally skipped a beat and though it proved a little disappointing, I ultimately felt relieved that someone had actually had some consideration enough to reply back to my queries.


When I researched other author journeys, I noticed that it usually took months to get a response whereas in this case it only took a month. I’m not sure necessarily if this is a good or bad sign but there is some comfort that I shared my work and that it was considered. Of course, now, I’ll continue to do research and query other publishing houses (I already have three in mind as we speak) but I will continue to pursue my ultimate dream of becoming an author. As I continue my journey, I will definitely keep posting updates as I currently have three more publishing houses to hear from. Until the next update!


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  1. Good luck with your pursuit! I tried writing a children’s book but got too discouraged to complete it because I dreaded the rejection letters. I love TpT though! I hope you find it rewarding while you keep submitting your book.

    1. You shouldn’t let that discourage you. All it takes is one ‘YES!’ which is what I’m hoping for and at the very least, the satisfaction that I tried. Thanks for the well wishes though and I do look forward to growing my TpT venture. Best of luck to you as well!

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