Testing Season as a Middle School Teacher

Hello readers and apologies for the super long wait since my last post. There is a reason for it and as the title of this post suggests, as many educators are feeling at this moment, it is the testing season! I must say that every year that I’ve been teaching around this time, it feels as though it clicks for the students. Routines are set, the growing realization of a new year and responsibilities as the year edges closer to the end sets in, and the promise of summer becomes more apparent. Though the testing season is a stressful part of the school year for students and teachers alike, there’s something almost gratifying about it too.


As I reviewed strategies and skills with my students in preparation for their state exams, their focus and hard work continue to amaze me. Through review games, practice passages, class discussions and tried and true testing tips it becomes even more evident how much students have progressed. Say what you will about standardized testing and trust I do have some opinions on that (but perhaps for a later post), but as the year trickles down the sentiment remains the same for many teachers around this time – test prep is hard work but the students are ultimately ready.


After testing, my students are diving into poetry and then we have a sort of create-your-own unit at my school. In the past, I’ve done short stories but this year I’m thinking of trying something new like screenplays. Of course, I’ll update you on how/ if these turn out. Educators, we’re almost done with the year!

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