Branding Yourself

It’s an intriguing idea, this concept of branding yourself. What exactly do you need to brand yourself? Originality, creativity, perspective, effective marketing perhaps. However, a bigger question is often asked before you even start all of this: what is your brand?


Personally, I find myself grappling with this idea as I am early in my career in all of my passions. As an educator, I find myself still testing and solidifying what exactly my teaching style is. Although I do have a philosophy for this of willingness to take new risks, free thinking, fun and artistic expression within learning. As an aspiring writer and author, I find myself in the beginning stages of one of my greatest joys in life. I recently completed a novel (more on this in another blog post!) and now as a blogger, I hope to gain more readership and audience besides my husband and immediate close friends. As an artist, I too, am learning as I go with guitar playing, painting, and drawing.


So thinking of my actual brand, I know for myself it has to include these outlets that I love and hold dear the most. Why brand something if you’re not passionate about it? Though I’m in the early stages of what I envision to be big, I do have a feeling I’m on the right track. Find your passion, know your passion and then everything else will fall into place.

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