How to Spring Break

As the school year enters its final stretch before the largely anticipated summer break(!), it is always welcome when educators and students alike are able to unwind during break given throughout the year. For myself, my latest spring break was nothing short of needed, rejuvenating and a much deserved break as my fourth year of teaching comes to an almost finish.

This spring break, my husband and I were able to visit San Francisco, California and had a blast! I was born in San Francisco (Fairfield to be exact) and had visited before but this was my husband’s first time visiting and our first major non-family-related trip. Below I have some pictures from our trip and sites you might consider should you plan an excursion to ol’ San Fran:

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge – Of course, one of the main attractions of San Fran is the stately Golden Gate Bridge. Keep in mind it can get awfully windy in San Fran so you will need a jacket more often than not but it is definitely a site to see if only for its beauty. My husband and I visited as part of a Big Bus tour and there are often side excursions to Muir Islands and Alcatraz. Unfortunately tickets were unavailable for us to visit Alcatraz but it is still a must-see nonetheless!

2. Do a Big Bus Tour! – As I mentioned before, one of our trip adventures included a Big Bus Tour. I know it seems like such a touristy thing to do to sit in those double-decker buses but it’s actually very enjoyable and educational. My husband and I agreed that we learned so much and it made us want to explore our own city of New York even more. I’m sure there’s plenty of history no matter where you go but it did make us appreciate this fact all the more. When we were on the tour we passed by Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, the house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed, various murals and more. The great thing about it too is that you can hop-on and hop-off whenever you want so you’re not purely limited to the bus. My husband and mine’s main venture was the Golden Gate Bridge though!

3. Ride the cable car! – Almost nothing says San Francisco like their famous cable cars and trolleys. After walking through Chinatown one day, my husband and I had to do it so we hopped on to venture down to Ghirardelli and took in the sites! Nice ride with a view, if I do say so myself!

4. Venture into surrounding counties and cities! – My husband’s best friend lived nearby and he’s getting married soon. Luckily for us, his fiance invited us to dinner with her family in Castroville and so his friend drove us around for a scenic tour of Santa Clara and Gilroy. We stopped by the boardwalk and he also took the four of us to Lover’s Point Park. I will say that riding almost anywhere in California can give you beautiful views worthy of camera shots. As you’ll see in the below shots, I had to get the famous dragging husband into the distance shot among others to document our trip.

5. Check out local fares and venues! – My husband and I happened to visit during the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival which was a site to see. We ventured to local Chinatown and Japantown also which was loads of fun exploring other cultures. Again our excursions made me want to check out the local scenes in NYC as we have those sections as well though I don’t visit as much as I see I should. In the following pictures you’ll see I’ve tried hand-rolled ice cream for the first time (amazing!) and found neat trinkets.

6. Eat! Eat! Eat! – Of course with San Fran’s diverse cultures, there’s no shortage of cuisine. My husband and I visited another friend who took us to a Creole restaurant which was nothing short of delicious. We even tried gator nuggets which was interesting. As with any vacation, trying out new foods or even eating familiar ones cannot be taken for granted.

So hopefully my excursions helped prompt you to want to venture out or even re-discover your own towns. I know after this trip, my husband is definitely more gung-ho about visiting other places. I’m excited to see what other adventures awaits us on our next breaks!

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  1. Never read a post that’s named “how to sprink break” and that’s a lovely idea! So much fun in this guide for everyone!

  2. Lovely pictures. I am a teacher and I know how much we deserve these breaks. Sounds like you had an amazing time. I wish to visit there too.

  3. You and your husband certainly know how to Spring Break!!! I love exploring new cities and towns, especially with my husband too! Now we have a little dude, so while exploring is still on our to do list, we just have to pack an extra backpack, JUST in case – hahaha!

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