Mario Party to the Rescue!

If you’ve read my most recent blog post, you know this school year is going pretty well for me. I just finished a great unit in ELA and fell as though I’m finding my way as a teacher. Still, with that being said, I still have a ways to go to being where I want to be as an educator. I still have challenging classes and situations that are just out of my control as an educator and as a person. However on days I’ve been feeling especially drained or frustrated or just in need of a brain break, I’ve been turning to something I haven’t really given much mind to since I was way younger – video games!

Especially lately and thanks to my husband I’ve been playing the latest Super Mario Party and it has been such a stress reliever. Some days I just can’t wait to get home to play again. It may sound juvenile but the point of this post is that when you feel overwhelmed with work or the stresses of life, maybe you too can turn to a childhood pastime like video games. Sometimes as adults we become so involved with the daily going on of life that we forget to have fun or do something just for old times sake.

I hope today you take the time to do something for fun, stress relief or revisit a hobby you haven’t done in a while and you never know. Maybe today is the day you gain or regain a hobby! It is so important to preserve your mental health and keep joy. Games aren’t just for children and should always be enjoyed long into adulthood. Take some time today to have fun!

16 Replies to “Mario Party to the Rescue!”

  1. I agree! Sometimes we need to find a stress reliever especially when we’ve encountered hectic days. That game is quite interesting, I will check this one.

  2. First time to hear about this Super Mario Party and I am so excited to have and play this with my husband and my kids.

  3. Wow! Such a wonderful stress free reliever. If im stressed before i used to play hayday , now if im stressed this blogging help me a lot. Thank you for this sharing. Everything will be ok. 😊

  4. I have never heard about the latest Super Mario Party, I will definitely check this out and I will play this game!

  5. I love Mario Party! It is such a great game for a group to play together. I need a nintendo switch version soon!

  6. I do agree that games are not just for children. I actually enjoy it when I play them with my son. I always find myself getting caught up and the time flying by.

  7. I recently got a NES classic the other day for my birthday. I’ve been reliving my childhood by playing this. Awesome post!

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