School’s out and summer vacation is on, let us all rejoice! I already know educators across America have breathed a sigh of relief as have I on my last day this past Tuesday. And of course, it’s decidedly uncontested that we deserve it!


For this summer though I have quite a few goals and projects I plan to work on amongst my sleeping in late, Netflix-binge watching, junk food eating, freebie hopping, and yes, even planning for the next school year (I know summer has just started but ever the teacher in me, I’m almost always thinking about my job). However, to make the summer the most relaxed and productive I can, I’ve compiled my goals into a list as I’m sure these will also inspire future posts so stay tuned to my progress on these projects:


  1. Write. Write. Write. And write some more. I’ve already started drafting my next novel feature but this time I’m trying something new – dystopian/utopian/you decide sci-fi. My style of writing tends to skew in favor of romance so this will definitely be something new but is something I’m very much looking forward to see work out.
  2. Draft my first TV screenplay. The beautiful and inspiring Issa Rae recently announced a new program seeking talent from POC writers to create original content for television and so I figured, why not? I’ve written and directed my own short film screenplay back in college which you can view here and have always toyed with the idea of creating my own show. Perhaps this opportunity is just what I needed to become serious of a sample project. The storyboard is drafting as we speak!
  3. Develop my TpT store. For those who regularly follow me, you may be aware that I have recently started my own Teachers Pay Teachers store. I’ve always been complimented on my lessons and recently a colleague recommended I create a store and sell them. I wouldn’t have even thought of this venture had she not strongly pushed me, so here goes. Feel free to check it out here or even on the tab above. I have a freebie there to that you are able to download and review if interested and/or seems like a tool you’d like to implement.
  4. Travel. I love traveling and can proudly say I’ve visited 10+ states and over 5 countries. However, with the grad school finally done last year and teaching and life in general, I haven’t been on a trip in a bit and the traveling bug is biting! As it were, my first anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband is coming up (#7/27/17) and so a trip is indeed warranted. It’s definitely time!
  5. Plan. Of course, what kind of teacher would I be if I weren’t already thinking/obsessing/researching/creating for next year? If you’ve read my previous post, you know I have a new assignment next year not only by myself but with the added content of social studies. I’m already brimming with ideas with everything from redecorating my class ( which you can help support through DonorsChoose here!) to systems old and new to implement. It will be a successful school year.


So these are my upcoming passion projects coming up, all very exciting worthwhile ventures as I hope to dedicate (and will be able to) more time to investing in ME. Whether you’re a fellow teacher or not, there is value in that and bettering or furthering opportunities that make you happy. What are your plans and goals for the summer? Feel free to drop comments, suggestions or if you have similar ideals to collab, please get in touch!


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  1. I hope you are keeping up with your goals, but I always have more goals than I have time to accomplish!

    1. I am definitely trying however as the saying goes, shoot for the moon! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of goals though so long as you’re working towards something. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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