Becoming an Author – Updates – New (Possible) Publishing Opportunity

Well, I have taken the plunge! In my research of publishing avenues and agents, I came across this ingenious site of Swoon Reads where readers and writers form this community to eventually publish YA authors. It serves as almost a crowdsourcing for publishing. Writers submit their works and based on reader comments, ratings and views could all determine the next books to be published.


So after the rejection letters you’ve noticed in previous posts and those publishers who just never returned my queries, I’ve decided to give it a shot. Worse case scenario, I don’t get published but gain valuable insights to further revise my book. Best case scenario, of course, I finally get published! In truth, the deal sounds win-win to me. If you want to check out my work, please feel free to read, drop comments, ratings, and feedback at the following link. I look forward to your thoughts and thank you in advance for any support. Spread the word and happy reading!


Click here to sign up to read the novel, THE POINT!

P.S. – If you were wondering about how I got such an amazing cover for my book, I just want to thank my awesome husband and graphic designer for creating it for me! You can also check out some of his other work here!

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  1. I love seeing my wife push through and I know her work will be recognized sooner than later because she’s such an amazing and inspired writer! I love The Point not just because my wife wrote it but because I had fun reading it and diving into the world of Willoughs. A light read but very enjoyable nonetheless. I know that this is the first of many novels to come from my amazing wife. Love you hun!

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